About Us


Our History

  • Quicktrax Technology Pte Ltd was founded in March  21, 1996 with the intention of providing Printed Circuit Board (PCB)  Design, Fabrication and Assembly Services to the local electronic companies.

  • Quicktrax Technology Pte Ltd is now recognized by many companies as the “Preferred PCB Design Service Bureau”.

  • Since 2004 Quicktrax Technology Pte Ltd has expanded its business to cover Product Design including Industrial, Electronic, Firmware and Application Design.

  • Today, Quicktrax Technology Pte Ltd works with major industry partners, delivering products with styles and innovations.


Our Vision

  • To be the "Preferred Product Design Company"
  • To be the "Preferred PCB Design Service Bureau"


Our Mission

  • To Define with Passion
  • To Design with Style
  • To Develop with Innovation


"The success of a product design starts with defining the product with passion. This is the KEY to motivating the product design team from concept to design, prototype, test, refinement and finally deliver to customer," says Veronica Chia, Founder and Director at Quicktrax Technology Pte Ltd.

Passion brings about inspiration for a good product style and drives innovation...